The Publishing Path

My newest book is called “The Novice Master,” and I plan to publish it as a print book first, with Createspace, so I have the hard copy to send out for review. Many reviewers seem to like actual books. I like having actual books; I like carrying a bunch of them around in my handbag to hand out randomly. Then I’ll be doing something a little different with the e-version…Feeling a little disillusioned with megalithic Amazon and their tiresome algorithms, I searched around for an alternate publishing platform, and as it turned out, the week I was looking….a new one launched. It’s called Pronoun, which strikes me as an odd and not completely inspiring name—my students always have trouble with pronouns—but I guess it’s better than Adverb or Conjunction (I think Ejaculate would be fun!). So I will be publishing electronically with Pronoun, and we’ll see how that goes.

Oh, and a note of advice to fellow literary-ish writers: Don’t do Kickstarter. Just don’t. I’m convinced that serious readers avoid that site completely; and your friends and family will not be amused by what they will see as your blatant attempt to extort money from them. I gave it a try, and only ended up with two backers: One of my closest friends (Thanks, Diane!), and the other a complete stranger, which was somewhat comforting. But mostly it was kind of an embarrassment, as well as a waste of time: Unless you write in popular genre that lends itself to a spiffy video—then you might do well.


3 thoughts on “The Publishing Path

  1. Much good info here. I recently discovered the Pronoun site. Have you tried it? I haven’t done much digging into it yet but I’ve been keeping it in the back of my mind for future work. Also, I like your comment re: kickstarter. I think these fund raising sites are great for many things but for writers they don’t seem like the right fit.


    1. I wrote a blog about my Pronoun experience! I called it The End of The Affair. I did like how well they formatted my book. But there is no marketing support whatsoever; plus, they miscategorized my book–putting it in Erotica of all things!!!! So it was back to big Daddy Amazon for me.

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      1. Fortunately for me, I enjoy all the nitnoid nerdy stuff required of formatting books so I’ll probably continue to do the work on my own… probably much to my own publishing peril.


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