The Big Cover Reveal


So here he is, my lovely monk…Now this cover is a big gamble for me, since this is not strictly a religious novel, nor is it either pro- or anti-Catholic, but simply about love and faith; but a little part of it does take place in a monastery, and The Novice Master himself was a monk at one time. I chose this artwork deliberately because I thought it would be so different from all the other book covers currently out there. I’m hoping that for every potential reader turned off by the religious imagery, there’ll be another intrigued enough to go for it. We have a new pub date for the print version: November 30, by which time I should have all the glitches resolved. We hope the e-book will be out sometime in December, but I’m getting very impatient with, which still hasn’t apparently launched itself yet despite all the big announcements.

And a marketing update: Kirkus is definitely out. I found a better way to spend my money: Going through NetGalley to arrange for any number of advance galleys to go out to reviewers across the US. Also going with ABA (American Booksellers Assn)’s review program and PW Select again. Will let you know how that pans out…

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