Publication Day

So, it’s here at last. The little book conceived in the throes of vertigo and anxiety, tapped out bit by bit on my dining-room table over the course of last summer, is now a reality. Sorry to get dramatic about it, but when this year began, I honestly did not think I would write or complete another novel. I had pretty much decided to let go of the whole fiction business and move on, perhaps devote myself to editing other people’s books, or teaching English to tots.  But The Novice Master forced his way out, and here we are.

So the hardcore details: It’s only available in paperback for now; the Kindle version will appear on the first day of new year, just a month from now. That’s deliberate: I hope to have a few reviews in by then. It won’t appear on Amazon until Dec. 3 or so; but you can order it immediately from if you wish. Or you can try to win one of the Goodreads copies, although as of today there are about 180 people ahead of you, so that makes it one chance in six…I’m not going to beg folks for reviews, but I will only say that I do crave some sort of feedback on this particular book; I really do want to know what people think of it, even if takes the form of a simple comment in this blog.

2 thoughts on “Publication Day

  1. Hi Kathy,

    I’m reading, “Novice Master” right now. I downloaded it from netgalley the other day. I’m really enjoying the story. The Kindle version has a few typos with misplaced words, but they are easy enough to work around. I will be giving you a good review on Netgalley and on Goodreads. Figure I will finish the book this weekend. It’s one of those books I just don’t want to put down.


    1. Thank you Pauline! And thanks for downloading from Net Galley–I’m experimenting with that and am pleased to find it working out. As for the typos, that was a pre-publication galley you read; the Kindle version won’t be out till Jan. Hopefully all typos caught by then!


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