On the bubble

So amidst March Madness in the college basketball arena, I’m announcing that I’m officially “on the bubble.” I will probably be kicked off it tomorrow; then maybe in a few weeks, I will be back on. I’m referring to my writing career, of course. I don’t realistically expect to move into the Big Dance of Literature, but it’s nice to be on the bubble for a while, recognized for your efforts and sometimes hitting that big jump in Amazon rankings. But you always fall off, eventually, unless you’re lucky enough to become permanently famous.

I’m writing this way because if you follow my blog–and college basketball–you know that my alma mater is on the bubble for a NCAA berth in the upcoming national tournament. And this is significant because my college is so very tiny, one of the smallest schools in Division One, and remote, and it probably has the tiniest sports budget of any school in the NCAA. It’s a Franciscan school, after all, tied to Lady Poverty and the teachings of Saint Francis, so for it to be able to play in a competitive way with the big rich boys, the huge state schools, is pretty impressive. I bet if Pope Francis had to fill out a bracket sheet (for the Vatican basketball pool?), he’d pick Saint Bonaventure to go at least to the Sweet Sixteen. Go Brown and White, and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

I think I have a lot of company on the writing bubble, so I say to my fellow bubblers: Embrace it. Enjoy it. But don’t take it too seriously. And when you fall off for good, time to write another book/poem/screenplay/article. And jump on the next bubble.

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