Leaps of Faith

This week in the Persistent Writer’s world, we find The Novice Master competing hotly with his older sister The Raven Girl in that cutthroat arena known as Amazon. This is a terrific example of how an E-book never has to die or be considered out of print. The Raven Girl is five years old next month, and like a reliable old jalopy, still jumps back to life every so often and surprises me. I decided to give it a little boost with a tiny ad campaign this month, and it’s working wonders: It’s already made several of Amazon’s rather dubious ‘best-seller’ lists, including the important-sounding Children’s Historical Fiction/Exploration and Discovery list where, for a while this morning, it climbed briefly to #5.  But the NM is holding his own with the adults, and both books were up in that near-mythical five-figure ranking today, out of 4 million other Kindle books, so not so bad.  Wish there was some way of just hanging out there, permanently…

When you’re an author, it’s hard sometimes to have faith in yourself and your work, particularly when you face those daunting sales figures. Which really should mean nothing, but of course they do. Glowing reviews are nice, but sometimes you just want to see people lay down actual money for your product—thus showing their faith in you.

I’ve been hitting a hard patch—finally—with the novel-in-progress: I say ‘finally,’ because it was all going too well. I suddenly feel worried about the whole premise of it, and concerned about my characters seeming bland and not very interesting. Finishing it requires a certain amount of faith on my part, that it is a book worth putting out there, and for a moment or two, I was not sure. Still not ever sure what book is worthy of publishing or promotion, or what readers who matter really want, but–if only to continue with the metaphor of leaping I just set up–I’m going to keep jumping ahead regardless.

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