The Post Mortem


Well, the Big Marketing Plunge is over now, and whether it makes any significant impact on my career remains to be seen. However, I’m happy to say I met my goal: I wanted to give away 500 to 1000 books, and I gave away 1200; my ‘free’ book ranking was awesome, rising at one point to #5 for Literary Fiction and #124 overall for all free books—and for someone whose books are usually stuck in the 6-figure paid  rankings, it was astonishing to see a ranking in single figures! Even though, essentially….it’s meaningless, unless it translates into more readers and viability. Still fun to look at, though. In addition, I picked up a  dozen or so ‘to-reads’ on Goodreads, plus a bunch of KENP pages (those are books ‘borrowed’ through Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited promotion), lots of attention on the old blog and good will all around. I spent most of the weekend teaching, working in the garden and hammering away on Novel #6, trying not to check my stats like a maniac every minute or so. At a flea market in town, I scored a sterling-silver Baltic-amber bracelet for $2, plus a gluten-free cookie that actually tasted pretty decent, so it would have been a good weekend even without the promotion.

One thing that did really irritate me was the Amazon Top 100 Literary Fiction List that I rose so high on. While it was a real ego trip to see my little monk’s picture wedged in there on the first page,  I would venture that three quarters of the other books on the list did not qualify as literary fiction in the least. In fact, the number-one book appeared to be a romance novel: It was clear that the author, along with many other authors on the list, had switched into a less competitive genre (and how sad that Literary Fiction has to be that one!) in order to get the ranking they’d never be able to achieve in their own genre. Of course, I could be wrong: Maybe these books are literary gems. But somehow I doubt it. And all that makes my own achievement of getting up to #5 seem more dubious. But that’s self-publishing these days: Sheer desperation, and everyone pulling every trick and hustle to get their book out there. Alas, including me, but that’s my last promotion for a while. Summer is coming, and I am just going to relax and enjoy life for awhile. I’ll be teaching through the summer at the learning center, but my student over-load is finally dropping off (phew!) and I’ll be doing what makes me happiest, writing my new novel and keeping the weeds at bay in my backyard garden, supplemented with some serious seashore time. Will have to find some good reads for the beach. But not from the top of the Amazon Literary Fiction list…

One thought on “The Post Mortem

  1. That’s a great idea….take care of yourself…..(whispers) and when book 2 needs a beta read…..


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