Let the games begin

And so, here we go again, on the new-book roller-coaster ride (OK, I’ll start back-pedaling on the metaphors.) It’s September already and even though I’m still teaching full-tilt, things have eased up enough in my personal schedule to pull the new book manuscript off the cloud and start scrutinizing it for publication.

I’ve decided to launch the book much earlier than I expected to, largely for several reasons:  1.) it’s done, so why not; I’m not getting any younger. 2.) Fall really seems to be the book-buying season, leading up to Christmas and 3.) I want the launch to coincide with National Indie Author Day, which is October 8.   I’ve been invited to speak at a prominent local library about my publishing path, and I thought, how cool would it be to actually publish a book on that very day! I confess I did have the gimmicky idea of actually pressing the ‘Publish’ button at the library, before an audience. But so many things can go wrong with that, and as I recall, your book has to go into review for a day or so before it actually goes on sale. So the idea is simply to use that day as the ebook issue date; I intend to have ‘hard copies’ printed up ahead of time for sale afterwards.

And there’s also  4.) Would like to get this book out the door, because I’m switching my focus to non-fiction, and am very eager to begin a project I’ve been thinking about and researching for some time. I would never say never, but Wives of the Saints is likely to be my last novel for a while, perhaps a long while. I’ve never really been fazed by the lack of big sales for my fiction, but I am concerned about the decline of serious readers in the US and the state of literature in general, not to mention the insane   competition for readers’ attention, from movies and Internet to the millions of other self-published authors out there. It makes me think novelists might be obsolete. But that’s only a small factor in my decision: The real reason is that there’s a book I really, really want to write! And it’s all going to be true.

But first we’ll get this next one out. Release this wild bird into the blue, and see where it ends up.  Watch this space.

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