Going my way in fifty shades of gray


Was startled to see that a sequel to the movie “Fifty Shades of Gray” is about to come out, since I somehow assumed the first film had not done well enough to merit a continuation of that franchise. In fact, I fretted over a scene in my upcoming novel, in which my wife-characters clamber into bed together to eat nachos, drink wine and watch “Fifty Shades” for a good laugh. I thought the reference might already be dated, but apparently not. Great timing, Hollywood! I owe you one…

My next novel may be the only one you’ll read this year that references “Fifty Shades” and the old chestnut “Going My Way,” though in separate, but adjoining chapters. So you might conclude my book is about a.) nostalgic Catholics and b.) bondage and light S&M. Well, read it and see…of course it’s the wives watching “Fifty Shades” while the husbands wallow in Father O’Malley-land. For those of you born before 1990, “Going My Way” is a super-schmaltzy religious musical about parish priests that was heartily endorsed by the old League of Decency. Yes, there were actually movies Catholics were forbidden to watch, films that were given the tantalizing ‘Condemned’ label.  “Peyton Place” comes to mind, along with “Lolita” and “Baby Doll,” Of course we ran out and saw them immediately! I’m pretty sure ‘Fifty Shades’ would make that list, though it would be very interesting to see what a 1950s version of that would be like.  

So an update on the Kindle Scout decision: Gonna do it, thanks to support from my fellow writers. And soon, though I haven’t arrived at an exact date yet.  My birthday is coming up—it’s one of those loathsome milestone birthdays so I decided in lieu of gifts or cards, everyone can just click up a nomination for me. (Except my husband; he still has to buy me dinner and maybe some nice jewelry) Not only won’t it cost you anything, if my book gets chosen, you get a free copy for nominating me.  I promise not to be obnoxious about promoting it because it is, after all, just an experiment. More details soon…

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