Scout…and doubt

So in the midst of this especially trying election season,  I’m announcing that I’m officially a candidate…for Kindle Scout. My newest novel is Wives of the Saints. Find my electioneering page here  and visit at your own risk:    I know I should be cheerfully bombarding everyone for “nomination” clicks, but I won’t: I only invite you to look at the page and decide for yourself. And if you haven’t guessed already by the tone of this post, I’m not completely onboard with the whole thing, which is basically marketing and bothering people in the disguise of a writing competition. It is, however, a relatively painless and gentle way to roll out the new novel, which, if you haven’t guessed yet, is simply a funny and bittersweet book about a pair of longtime marriages. The folks at Scout  encourage you to compare it to some other work, which I HATE doing, but I could say it has a sort of ‘Gilmore girls’ feel—Gilmore girls with older adults, of course. It’s set in a charming Connecticut town, is a bit sweet and cynical and snarky, and the plot will not knock your sock off. But hopefully the characters will stay with you for a while.

Doubt is my basic nature: though I write frequently on Catholic and spiritual topics, the truth is I am a hardcore doubter and skeptic.  I’ll write about things I passionately want to believe in, but don’t, actually. And at this stage of my writing career, I already know the hard truth of it all: Talent and quality and yes, persistence, play a very small role in it all these days. There seems little consensus about what constitutes good literature; and readers have shifted, in a big way, from reading to be enlightened to reading for sheer entertainment and diversion. Having said that, there are still plenty of great readers out there, though their numbers are probably lower than we would like.

So this new gimmick, this Scout thing: It might be rigged to favor genre writers. There is a category for General Fiction and Literature, but guess what? It’s full of genre authors, trying to escape their own crowded and overly competitive categories (Although I will grant that there are certain genre novels—historical and sci-fi—that can represent the best of literature…but somehow I don’t think you’ll find them here). If nothing else, my book will certainly stand out with its minimalistic cover (yes, that’s the path I chose, thanks WEW writer’s group for your valuable input!).

So come visit my page and see what you think. I hope it makes you laugh; my goofy author photo will if nothing else. (I’m chagrined that my only redeeming feature, my romance-novel emerald-green eyes, have been rendered a muddy gray behind my specs. But none of that Photoshop stuff for me) And as long as you’re there, you may as well click on that nomination button, LOL!  Won’t cost you a cent and if my book is picked, you’ll get a free copy. Help an old-time reader keep her faith in the book-writing process!

3 thoughts on “Scout…and doubt

  1. Reblogged this on RELATING TO HUMANS and commented:
    I am learning so much from the members of WRITE EDIT WRITE, our private facebook group for writers and readers. For example, this fantastic post by Author Kathy Cecala.

    Are any of you participating in this KINDLE SCOUT thingy?

    Let me know. And please check out Kathy’s article and then visit go and nominate her book!



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