End of the campaign part 2

Well, it seems I put up my last post up a little too soon…I was feeling quite pessimistic for reasons having nothing to do with my campaign and more to do with my spouse’s upcoming layoff, our financial  situation, my daughter moving away and my mother’s new health crisis, not to mention a sense of dismay over the upcoming elections. But everything inexplicably changed Friday night when I magically became Hot and Trendy. I thought that little orange banner on my page was a mistake, but lo, the wave has been continuing into today, the actual last day. (I was off on that too). So I’m going out with a bang and not whimper after all. And it makes me realize, humbly, that I have more support out there than I realized. Thanks all!

One thought on “End of the campaign part 2

  1. “All things come together for good for they who love God” Also known as :” Do your homework. Pray your keister off. Ans Watch God Work”


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