Not who you think he is

So the election is over, and I had promised myself to stay off political topics. But I just have to get this last thing out of my system, though, because I feel sorry for 50% of America today. And not the half I consider myself part of.

Red-state voters, you will not be happy with what happens next. You’re not going to get what you expected from this guy. I’m not trying to start an argument, I’m just telling the truth. Eventually you will realize that you were used, duped, betrayed.  So go ahead and gloat now, because pretty soon, you’re going to be unpleasantly blindsided on how totally wrong you were about this man.

How do I know this? From sheer experience and having lived the past thirty years of history. And most of all, because Mr. Trump is a New Yorker. And so, essentially, am I. The man’s a fake. Most of us here in the metropolitan New York City area have known him forever, or since the early 1980s, when he was something of a, gasp, liberal elitist, who was born into his wealth; yeah, this populist conservative phase of his is rather new. I remember the Ivanya days, when they were the perfect couple back in the over-the-top eighties, the perfect New York family; poor Ivanya supported him and yet suddenly there she is  consulting with the late Cardinal John O’Connor when Trump wanted to dump and divorce her; I remember the hoo-ha over the Trump Tower and all the other nonsense that got him into the Post and the Daily News on a regular basis; he was the Guy You Loved to Hate.  Simply, he’s just a narcissist, an egotistical celebrity, all talk. I doubt he can actually achieve anything, and he’s more likely to do all of us more harm than good, if the stock market and economy ends up tanking.   But he is all-American in a sense, representing that good old 20th century American political trope, like Hugh E. Long and the others, the populist trickster. History won’t be kind to him.

I understand why you voted for him. Things are tough for a lot of us. But voting should not be an emotional ‘gut’ decision, but something reasoned and thought out. He is not the guy.

But enough, no more politics from me. Just relieved not to be writing about Kindle Scout for a change…

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