Kindle Scout post-mortem

I didn’t want to write this post, because I’m already so over it all, but I have to follow through: I promised my fellow writers I would, especially those who are considering Kindle Scout themselves. I was the guinea pig, and okay, I did it. I’m not sorry, even though they kicked my ass to the curb. If you want to try it, I’d say go ahead, but don’t take it too seriously. It’s just a contest, and chances are very small you’ll be offered a contract. And if you are offered a contract, it only means they think they can make money off you. But not all of their authors sell very well…

But I’m glad I did it, because I had a lot of fun commiserating with other nominees at the Kindleboards Writer’s Café, where I became a regular poster. We even started a lively new thread about life after Kindle Scout rejection. I also got a lot of support from my readers, friends and family that I didn’t expect. And as I’ve said before, it was a nice little pre-publication push. It did give me an opportunity to ‘rehearse’ my launch, making me realize I had to re-do the cover and the blurb. Maybe that’s what tripped me up, though secretly I think it was an ageist thing—I’m sure the editors there are all under thirty and the idea of a novel about two women over fifty must have seemed icky to them.  Hey, you’ll be fifty too one day, guys! If you’re lucky…

So really, it was all good, even with the tiny sting of that rejection. I won’t do it again, because once is enough. But I would urge other authors to try it—particularly if you are a genre writer—and I’ll nominate those books when they come online.

As for me, it’s on to self-publishing. Time to dust off the “Diamond Spring Press” logo, and move on. Right now, I’m looking at a December launch date—for both print and digital. Haven’t decided yet whether to stick exclusively with big daddy Amazon, or to “go wide” with other vendors, which limits my options on Amazon.  So many decisions to make…But before I do all that, I’m going to get some travel in. Up to my native Connecticut for Thanksgiving (I’ll be having a guest blogger in later this week), and then the week after we’re heading South, to Nashville and from there to the Gulf of Mexico! I’m excited about seeing those white sands and turquoise waters again—as well as my mom and dad, of course. Hoping to return fresh and ready to tackling Wives of the Saints’ debut into the world…

One thought on “Kindle Scout post-mortem

  1. Without saying your name or title, I “talked” to a few authors who were genuinely sorry this happened. They suggested, to a one, that you possibly contact Amy Vansant over at Authors Cross Promotion (AXP) to see if she can help. Others suggested genreCrave, but I think that’s not your “style”. More later


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