Necessary distractions


Two big deadlines are looming for the Persistent Writer: December the first, which is when the digital version of Wives of the Saints hits the market (Amazon only; the print version will take another week or so); and December the second, which is when we leave for our big across-the-South road trip to Nashville and Pensacola. Oh yes, and a full slate of English students for that first day online. I planned it this way, and yes, I’m crazy. But for me, the first two weeks a book is out is the worst time, full of doubts and worry and utter dismay when I check the sales stats. And even though the common wisdom in self-publishing-land is that the first month is crucial in picking up sales and ‘buzz’, it has never worked that way for me. My first month is usually utterly dismal, with sales slowly rising as reviews come in. But I won’t have to worry about all that, as I’m sure my road trip will provide blessed distraction. If I’m worried at all, it’s about the wildfires in eastern Tennessee that we will be driving past no doubt. But I’m looking forward to exploring the middle part of the state with my baby daughter, and then down to the Gulf to check in on my mom, who is having worrisome surgery soon, which I hope to temporarily distract her from. This trip is all about distraction.  At some point I will have to release the print version, probably out of that condo overlooking Pensacola Bay next week.

So what I’m saying is, I don’t expect WOTS to be a big hit coming out of the gate.  Especially not in December, when the holidays provide the ultimate distraction. But it doesn’t matter to me, as long as it follows the old pattern of slow build-up, which I prefer to the initial sales spike followed by crash and burn. I plan to do most of my promoting in January; and WOTS is a natural for Mother’s Day, so I will push it hard then. However, the (new) cover has red flowers and candy on it, so it’s very appropriate for Xmas gift giving…

The plan is to gather up reviews and stars, not necessarily sales in the beginning. I feel like I’m still trying to build my readership up,  and that takes time. I’m sending lots of review copies out, but I’m NOT doing the freebie thing and discounts for the general public right away—and maybe not ever.  I work hard on making my books as good as they can be, and feel they are worth every cent a reader pays for them. And they’re reasonably priced as it is. This one will be $3.99, well below most big publishers’ prices for their e-books; the paperback will be $14.99 as usual.

Meanwhile, here’s the new cover: And if you’re wondering who ate the candy at the bottom…well of course, I did! And I ate the rest after the photo shoot…


2 thoughts on “Necessary distractions

  1. Hi there! Looks like good distractions. You need a reader that PROMISES NOT to drool all over the ebook? And…whatever happened to the idea of your wedding ring you were scrambling to find….

    Be sure Tenn is cleared for travel. Reports are bad from Susan Meachem who is in the middle if it


  2. Thank, Andrea. There was a version with just type and my wedding band stuck in there. But then I realized it would be funnier with carnations and chocolates on the cover, which is what one of the husbands ALWAYS buys his wife when he wants to get cozy with her! Plus it will help with promotion–thinking of having a signing at a local candy store!


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