the journey continues

Being in the South, when you’re from the North, is like being on a different planet sometimes. But in a good way. The South is a friendlier planet, and more fun too. I’m a little sorry to be leaving. Today we left sunny, summery Pensacola and drove north back through autumn into winter—there was even colorful foliage around Birmingham to admire, but we arrived in Nashville with the temperature dipping into the 30s. We’re back at the hermitage, but from here we begin our way back east again, taking our time through eastern Tennessee, then into and across North Carolina to visit another set of old friends. This whole trip has been like an early Christmas present, even with the trying moments: Traffic jams, miserable weather early on, and all that; but being with my daughter and then my parents has been a great gift, and that two days of ‘summer’ on the Gulf was just splendid. I have not gotten much writing done on this trip, although the long stretches in the car do allow for much musing, and thinking about the next book…Or books…

This will probably be my last post on the road, even though we still have five more days to go, five more days before I return to the reality (and work) of being an author again. And I’m coming to think that releasing a book and starting a long road trip on the very same day was a stroke of genius! It has been one of the most pleasant book launches I’ve ever had. But how it will ultimately all play out is still a mystery…

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