Wife of the Saint

I can call myself that now because my husband behaved beautifully on our recent road trip down south. I only blew up at him once, in Nashville, when we got separated in the heart of the Broadway honky-tonk and he wasn’t answering any of the cellphone calls I was frantically making to him, and then was not properly apologetic about it.  (Don’t worry, he wasn’t up to any funny business, just checking out Hatch’s show print shop.) But otherwise things went smoothly, no fodder for future novels on unhappy marriages, so now back to real business.

I have a giveaway to announce today, and I know: I said I would probably never do another Goodreads giveaway, since the results of my last one were so disappointing. Back then I gave away 30 books (because some idiot on some writer’s website told me to) and I think I garnered exactly two reviews, one not very nice one and the other was just stars. And it cost me a small fortune to send out all those books. So I’ve learned this time around: Only ten books, only two weeks, and only for US readers (sorry international readers, but really, if I’m spending $30 to send you a book, the least you could do is acknowledge it) So why not enter, and maybe save yourself $14.95? I may even autograph it. And though the book takes place in the summer, the cover looks very Christmass-y, at first glance. Would look really nice on your mantel or under the tree… And then when Christmas is over, you can settle in by the fire and sink into it, and revel in the descriptions of summer. Plus, I included a recipe for this incredibly delicious and very adult fudge, which you will want to serve at all your adult holiday gatherings. Maybe you’ll just want to skip the giveaway entirely (really, what are the chances of you actually winning a copy?) and just buy the darn thing. Just saying…Can’t guarantee this link will work, but here it is:  https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/33197157-wives-of-the-saints


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