Guest blogger: Lori Virelli

Greetings! Let me introduce myself. I’m Lori, and I met Kathy when our novels were in Kindle Scout at the same time. They were subsequently released one week apart. 

Kathy asked me if I’d like to guest post on her blog, and I was honored that she thought of me. I struggle with what to say on these guest posts, so I’ll tell you a little about what I write and why. My blog, my debut novel and my short story memoir anthology are meant for all of us humans to make a connection. As divided as we are in society these days, wouldn’t it be nice if we could relate to each other better? When we find that we have experienced similar good or bad situations, we have compassion for one another and don’t feel so alone. 

My blog is about real life experiences … reality and how we handle it. I’m fascinated by human behavior, the psyche of the mind and emotions. It’s all so complicated. I like to analyze why we do the things we do. Okay, maybe I over analyze, but as an author, it helps to make good stories. 

Has anyone else grown up in a dysfunctional family? No? Only me? How ‘bout not knowing how to cook? Just me again? And, I grew up in an Italian family with lots of cooks. Dysfunction played a role in my lack of culinary skills.  

Have you ever been in an embarrassing situation? I sure was when I literally bumped into my celebrity hero and made an idiot of myself. Oh sure, I can laugh now all these years later. I added a touch of humor and found something positive in each of the four short stories in my memoir anthology, Home Avenue. 

Have you ever had any encounters with control freaks? Or, if anyone is like me, have a bit of control freak inside of you? In the Whitaker family, you won’t even know you’re being controlled until after it’s already done. That causes a problem between family members. Who is the Whitaker family? Ava and Meg marry the dysfunctional Whitaker brothers in my debut fiction novel, Whit’s End. Passive-aggressive behavior is only the beginning. Their marriages struggle, until other men come into the picture, and they have a choice to make. Remain faithful or have an affair. They actually believe in the sanctity of marriage, or at least they thought they did. 

So, these are the things I write about, and I enjoy having conversations about them. Do you have any funny human experiences you’d like to share? I’m especially interested to know what people think they would do if they were in Ava and Meg Whitaker’s shoes. 

Thank you for giving me your space to guest blog, Kathy. I am truly honored. 

Note from Kathy: Please check out Lori’s books on Amazon! Links below:

10 thoughts on “Guest blogger: Lori Virelli

  1. I’ve read and enjoyed both of Lori’s books. The contrast between two women in a similar situation who solve it in very different ways made for insightful reading. Not sure what I’d do exactly in their situation, but I know I wouldn’t have an affair. Too much pain for both parties. I believe in hashing it out honestly from the start. Wishing you continued success with your writing, Lori!

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    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on my book, Carrie. I too, could not imagine having an affair. In the book, Ava tried hashing it out for some time but got no where. I won’t write a spoiler about what ultimately happened though. 😀 I know you already know. Thank you for your support.

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    1. Hi Jill. Yes, I can’t imagine having an affair either. Now knowing your work background, I’m curious to learn what you think of the decisions Ava and Meg make after you read it. Good to see you here on Kathy’s blog. 🙂

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