The next stone

My husband had a great expression about a difficult working experience he once went through: “Everything is written in stone,” he would say. “But every day there’s a new stone.”

So I’m moving on to the new stone. This may be one of the last Persistent Writer posts for awhile; or maybe ever. I’ve been working on a new sibling for this blog, building a different kind of site which better reflects my current situation and outlook on life. For now I’ll keep both sites up simultaneously, but may eventually retire Persistent Writer for good. I started this blog at a low point in my career, but no longer feel as desperate and frustrated and irritated with publishing and the writing life as I was when I started with this 187 posts ago. Things have gotten better for me, and I’m grateful for that. I’m entering a interesting stage in my career, with two books coming out almost simultaneously this fall, one non-fiction, one fiction; one traditionally published (well, more or less) and one self-published.  To learn more about those…well, go visit my new site, at But don’t go there right now; it won’t be online for a little while yet, maybe Aug. 1st.  Creating a brand new website from scratch has been more taxing and daunting and difficult than I thought it would be, but I decided to err on the side of simplicity, so it’s just really a couple of photos (which I took myself) and a few words about my books. There is a blog page, but it will just be for the occasional essay or snippet from my work.  But comments are allowed, and I’ll even have a contact button, so you all can stay in touch.

To all my followers, all of you who have been kind enough to read and comment and put up with this claptrap over the last four years, I send endless love and gratitude, and invite you to continue the journey with me now,  over on the next stone….

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